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services in harrison township, heating and cooling in harrison township, ac repair, air conditioner, furnace repair, generators, refrigeration, humidifiers, hot water heaters, harrison twpResidential and Commercial Services in Harrison Township

The Services in Harrison Township include a wide variety of commercial and residential services. The list includes heating and cooling, construction, excavation, general contracting, pools and spas, landscaping, cleaning and more.  Browse through the listing to find the area that is closest to what you are looking for.  Please pay special attention to the “Featured” business that support the EDC’s effort within BoatTown.

Please note that a listing in this website is not an endorsement but simply a listing of a business that exists within Harrison Township.




Kehrig Construction, Inc. • 36559 Jefferson Ave. • Harrison Township, MI 48045 (Featured)

Thomas Construction



Lakepoint Excavating • 39639 Jefferson Ave. • Harrison Township, MI 48045

General Contractor

Inman Homes

Heating & Cooling

Luedtke Heating and Cooling • 35618 Jefferson Avenue • Harrison Township, MI, 48045


Grosse Pointe Landscaping • 41207 Production Drive • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Moving & Relocations Services

Preferred Moving & Storage • 42950 Executive Drive • Harrison Township, MI 48045


Love on a Leash • 35414 Jefferson Avenue • Harrison Township, MI 48045


Pools & Spas

Sun & Fun Pools, LLC • 42299 Irwin • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Property Restoration

Jarvis Property Restoration & Emergency Services • 41800 Executive Drive • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Trailer Storage

Rosso’s Trailer Storage LLC • 25250 William Rosso Highway • Harrison Township, MI 48045


Motown Limousines • 40631 Irwin Dr. • Harrison Twp. MI 48045