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The List of Housing and Apartments in Harrison Township provides information about the numerous apartment complexes in Harrison Township. The environment of Harrison Township provides several different choices of apartments ranging from locations on the water, to near the beach, and within walking distance of the main strip malls. Browse through the alphabetical listing to find what you are looking for.

Please pay special attention to the “Featured” business that support ExperienceBoatTown’s effort within BoatTown. Harrison Township offers a broad selection of housing.

Please note that a listing in this website is not an endorsement but simply a listing of a business that exists within Harrison Township, MI.


Beachwood Apartments • 38001 Clubhouse Lane • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Brittany Park Apartments • 35255 Brittany Park Drive • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Clinton Manor Apartments • 24666 Katherine Court • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Drawbridge Apartments East • 36420 Union Lake  Road. • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Harbor Club South Apartment • 36000 Jefferson Ave. • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Heritage Apartment • 27628 Willowood Drive • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Metro Towers Apartment • 25450 Crocker Blvd. • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Prentiss Pointe Apartments • 39111 Prentiss Street • Harrison Township, Mi 48045

San Remo Villa Apartments• 35926 Union Lake  Road. • Harrison Township, MI 48045

The Glens Apartment• 24646 North Elda Court. • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Village Green Apartments on Lake St. Clair • 35844 Jefferson Ave. • Harrison Township, MI 48045 (Featured)

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