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church, harrison twp, boat town, mass, harrison twp churchesChurches in Harrison Township

This List of Churches in Harrison Township is organized alphabetically by name. Browse through the alphabetical listing to find the area that is closest to what you are looking for.  Harrison Township offers churches of many different religious views.

Please pay special attention to the “Featured” business that support ExperienceBoat’s effort within Boat Town. All the places of worship listed below are a valuable part of our community, and each of them are inviting to new members.

Please note that a listing in this website is not an endorsement but simply a listing of a business that exists within Harrison Township.

Harrison Township Churches

Bethleham Lutheran Church • 37000 Union Lake Road • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Christian Life Church • 39191 Rivercrest Ave. • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Harrison at Metro Church • 34641 Jefferson Ave. • Harrison Township, MI 48045

Knox Presbyterian Church • 25700 Crocker Blvd. • Harrison Township, MI 48045

New Apostolic • Harrison Township 48045

St. Hubert Church • 38775 Prentiss Street. • Harrison Township, MI 48045

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