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Harrison Township, MI:  Gateway to the Year-Round Fun of Lake St. Clair

You can tell by our nickname, BoatTown USA that Harrison Township, Mi loves the water.  You just can’t get a nickname like that, unless you are known for Fun On The Water.  

BoatTown USA is also home to some great businesses too. Buy Local in BoatTown USA…it’s neighbor looking out for neighbor…it’s sharing our wonderful lake and natural environment with our surrounding communities, and it’s patriotic, after all, you’re doing business with a community that has USA in their nickname!

Our little township has a lot to offer, and our goal is to help you find it all. Check out our blog and visit the list of businesses to get a small taste of everything Harrison Township has to offer. Subscribe to our blog and come participate & stay informed of the activities, events and fun in BoatTown USA.  This website is for our residents, our neighbors, our visitors, our businesses…it’s for everyone’s use and we are providing ways for you to communicate your thoughts, events, activities, products and services to the community.  Together, we can all succeed and have some fun along the way!

What Does Harrison Township Have to Offer?

We didn’t realize all of what BoatTown USA has to offer and we have lived in this community its for over 60 years.  So it was enlightening to find out how many businesses and products are sold and developed right here in Harrison Township!  Check it out…what are you looking for?